Anita Nowinska

Big Flowers series

Anita Nowinska\'s flower paintings Big Flowers have been the subject of much attention. They can now be bought not only as originals, but also as limited edition print. Commissioned paintings paintings provide a personal and unique heirloom which enhance the mood of a room.

Anita\'s unique technique has the organic forms building up, layer upon layer to produce sensuous flower paintings that literally bring a room to life.

The digital reproductions featured on the website, whilst giving the overall idea of Anita’s flower painting series, really cannot truly do her art justice. The intensity of colour, subtlety of shading and toning are very much lost on this media. You really have to stand in front of them to truly appreciate the potency and fecundity of her flower paintings.


I’m not sure how I lived in my house before I hung my great big Irises and Anemones. When I take them down for cleaning the house loses its soul and looks like a barn. They fill the place with life and colour and lift my spirits at every turn

Lidia in London

Recent Work

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