• Big Flower Paintings
Big Flower Paintings

Anita Nowinska's flower paintings Big Flowers have been the subject of much attention. They can now be bought not only as originals, but also as limited edition print. Commissioned paintings paintings provide a personal and unique heirloom which enhance the mood of a room.

Anita's unique technique has the organic forms building up, layer upon layer to produce sensuous flower paintings that literally bring a room to life.

The digital reproductions featured on the website, whilst giving the overall idea of Anita’s flower painting series, really cannot truly do her art justice. The intensity of colour, subtlety of shading and toning are very much lost on this media. You really have to stand in front of them to truly appreciate the potency and fecundity of her flower paintings.

Landscape & Gardens

With Anita spending so much time wandering around the woodlands and countryside of the UK and Europe it is only natural that these much loves landscapes end up translating into paintings. Her love of nature and the great outdoors keeps her out and about.

She is fascinated with natural landscapes, weathered and majestic or private and secluded. The detail in her work is there to see and the depth allows you to fall into the work and experience the place.

Commissions of existing gardens or favourite landscapes can be commissioned or just name the emotion you want to feel and Anita will produce a piece for your home or office.


As Anita says ‘Art is a gift given by nature, it has nothing to do with me, but what this wonderful Universe has given me to make me feel part of it’.

Her latest forays into the natural world have inspired her to capture the fleeting beauty of the creatures all around us. Sitting watching a Dragonfly hatch out from its chrysalis inspired the first of her nature paintings and as the weather warms up this summer, gear up for many more of these intense images to appear on this page.

'I just wish they would sit still for more than a hundredth of a second!’


Anita’s use of colour in her art is intense and there is no better example than in her abstract images. Paintings jump off the wall inspired by emotion and experimentation and the urge to capture a moment in nature.

Anita’s flower, nature and landscape paintings take up the majority of her time, but every now and then she loves to just let loose and let the colour and flow of the medium take over. Always inspired by the natural world, they capture a fleeting glimpse, a moment of experience.


Detailed, loving, quality portraits capturing character.

Elani was a little girl in Gambia who followed Anita around for the duration of her stay and ended up posing to be painted as her ‘wise beyond her years expression’ just had to be captured.

The birth of her son, who is her life’s greatest achievement, started a spate of sketches and drawings of him and then of all his little friends. ‘A photo was never enough to capture the intensity of the love I feel looking at that precious face in sleep’.

‘Capturing Luki with his grandfather weeks before we lost him to Cancer is a family memory we all treasure’

Anita loves to catch in a portrait the expression or character of a person, or a moment in their lives, even if that is done from a tiny sepia wartime photo as when commissioned to paint the WWII soldier.

To commission a portrait of a loved one, please contact Anita.

In Situ & Commissions

\'\'I love working on commissions. The development of the story and understanding what a client wants is very exciting. The challenge to then create a painting which matches their thoughts and feelings , catches a mood or a place is something I really love. Having heard some of the feedback on what my paintings evoke and mean to people is one of the most moving and precious things to me as an artist. If you would like to be part of creating a unique and personal piece of art, talk to me about commissioned work. It is a wonderful journey both for me and the client.\'


Selection of limited edition and open edition print reproductions available from award winning artist, Anita Nowinska.


The world provides me with endless inspiration. I started taking photos when gathering source materials for my Art, bt they soon took on a life of their own and capturing the little moments around me has become a passion of it's own. My photos can be ordered as paper or canvas prints.

Welcome to my gallery of original art, Flower Paintings, landscapes and nature paintings. You can also see a selection of my photos.

This is my full collection of originals in Pastel, Oil on canvas & mixed media. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work as much as I love creating it! 

To see original paintings & prints available to purchase at the moment just click the shop button above.

Purchases can be paid by debit or credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

I accept a 3 month payment plan for purchses over £3000 Call 07767 420820 or email


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