Green Interiors- Soothing Green & Flower Paintings

Posted on June 24, 2016

Green Interiors- using soothing green to create mood

Green Interiors- Whatever shade you try, green brings many benefits.

Emerald,  Jade , Malachite,  Peridot,  Lime,  Moss, Chartreuse, Sap, Mint, Chrome, Fern, Olive, Pistachio .. whatever your favourite shade, green is a colour of balance and harmony,  the colour of Nature. 

Green Interiors- Green Flower paintings -Anita Nowinska

Flower paintings with green tones to enhance and highlight green interiors

Bringing green into your space, whether in big painted walls, or small touches here and there, some plants or a painting will always create a sense of calm. The mind goes instantly to peaceful places like forests, the sea, gardens. Places you would naturally relax.

Green eases the heart and soul and is wonderful at creating soothing, balanced relaxation. It creates optimism and emotional tranquility, which, to me sounds like a very good reason to bring some green into my life!


Why Green?

  • Green is soothing it  provides both mental and physical relaxation
  • Helps treat depression, nervousness and anxiety
  • Provides a sense of renewal, freedom, self-control and harmony

If you would like to gain that gorgeous feeling of green peace its easy to do.

  • Introduce a few green plants to a room, use different shades of green from the blue green tones of aloe to the dark deep leaves of tropical foliage.

    Green Interiors- White Dahlia- flower painting- Anita Nowinska

    Bringing in highlights of green in a dahlia flower painting

  • Create a feature wall in an otherwise neutral room. Go for a green which really resonates with you and makes you feel good.
Green Interiors- green Foxgloves Flower painting- anita nowinska

Small Foxglove garden print ‘ A Moments Rest’ from Anita Nowinska Art enhance a cool green wall

  • Bring in green with a painting or print
  • Soft textured cushions in different shades of green can add a lovely touch
Green Interiors- white rose flower painting by Anita nowinska

soothing green brought into a room with a painting & some cushions

Of course, and Im sure its no surprise to you, there is a whole gamut of green shades in my paintings, prints and luxury home goods. pop over and have a look if you would like to add some floral or landscape green to your space or just get some ides ;0) there are lots of original paintings, limited edition prints or you can even get one on a cushion, curtain or wallpaper panel!

green interiors-green garden paintings- Anita nowinska

lots of green gardens to bring endless summer to your room from Anita nowinska

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