Dragonfly painting – How to make your dreams come true

Posted on May 12, 2016

Dragonfly painting- How a dragonfly came to visit

Dragonfly painting, process-art-anita nowinska

There have been a lot of conversations lately about people thinking I live a charmed life. That when I really need something it comes along. It does seem to be what keeps me moving forward.  What makes my life tick along in it’s rather erratic but never dull manner. Whatever happens in life, however impossible things seem, somehow it always comes up roses.

Believe and it will come

It seems that the answer is simply a case of  really believing in yourself & what you need. Don’t get me wrong, I am not lucky enough to have a purple bottle stashed away with a cherubic Genie, dressed in a Lilac silk turban popping out to ask my deepest desires in a puff of smoke. That would be useful, but the world seems to think I need a more obtuse way of reaching my goals.

Ask for what you need

So, how does it work? Well, if I think back through life, whenever I have genuinely wanted , needed and asked for something it seems to have come along. Wow, sounds amazing, why haven’t I won the lottery yet in that case?

 It seems to boil down to being really in touch with what I want in life, it being in tune with my values…and not being greedy. When I just trust that the Universe will bring me the right things to make me happy and I don’t get too attached how it actually happens, miracles seem to occur all the time. 

The Universe brings the most amazing surprises

the Dragonfly who came to model for a painting

the Dragonfly who came to model for a painting

One little example is the beautiful fellow pictured above. As you might have guessed by now, I paint for living. my art is he air I breathe. Having painted flowers for some time I had a longing to capture the fleeting beauty of a Dragonfly But these wonderful creatures flit by in a flash of iridescent colour. How do I capture it’s detail when I insist that all my work comes from my own sources?

Laughingly one Friday I joked to a friend’ I need a Dragonfly to come and pose for me!’
Monday morning I am coaching a client by telephone with the door open. Into my sitting room flies a bright green, huge Dragonfly. He lands on my knee. No, REALLY, he lands on my knee.
So, you can imagine my excitement.  Trying to talk calmly to a client whilst reaching around for any kind of camera or sketchbook.
I’m squirming and wriggling with excitement trying to work out how I make the most of this magical opportunity , but finish an important call!
‘WAIT!’ I willed… ‘Wait until I’ve finished’. So, off he pops onto my curtains while I finish up my call.
Above is just one of about 50 photos I took and the resulting painting.

How to get what you need

Now, if I didn’t have that photo you would never believe me, would you? But wishes do come true.
The experience turned into this pastel painting. It has proved to be one of my bestsellers.

Dragonfly painting

So, here are my top hints for how to make your dreams come true :
1- Ask from the heart and soul for what would really make a difference to you
2- Neveask for more than you need
3- Don’t be too attached to how the answer comes. (There will be another post abut what happens when you do!)
4- Be open to possibility and recognise the signs when the Universe is putting opportunity in front of you

and most importantly
5 – BELIEVE , truly believe deep down that miracles really do happen!
(friends so often have a go at me for my ‘Oh, it will all be fine attitude in the midst of a crisis, but honestly, I believe it so much..it is ALWAYS fine!)

If you would like a limited edition print of my Dragonfly painting, you can get it here in a range of sizes

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  1. I believe every word you have written. The universe does provide, you just need to be careful what you ask for! A lovely painting.

    • You really do! there have been times when things have gone a bit awry and Ive realised that i either asked for the wrong thing or in the wrong way. the Universe sometimes plays little tricks in the way it presents something to you!
      Thank you for liking the painting, it is one of my favourites and was such a joy to paint after my special visit ;0)

    • I’m spellbound and captivated by your paintings – simply beautiful. I’m also jealous regards the dragonfly – I’m well practiced in the art of connecting to the universal energy and having my own inner conversations and receiving what I ask for but never has a dragonfly landed on my hand, and yes I’ve asked – 🙂

      • Thank you Fiona, the dragonfly was really magical. I find when I just want something from the heart and put it out there casually, it seems to happen. When I get attached or ask for something really specific it doesn’t seem to work.
        The dragonfly comment I just threw out there but it was what I really wanted to paint. Sometimes I think the Universe gives you what you need that’s right for you.
        Keep charming those dragonflies and you never know..one might come along!.. Shame I’m not having as much luck with wishing up a lottery win!

    • Yes, you do have to be careful..I’ve been sent some real wobblers, where I thought I was asking for something but it was given to me is such a twisted way that it wasn’t what I wanted!
      Recently I’m beginning to think that the big lesson is learning to find an inner calm and let go of things.. It seems when I’m at peace and not worrying that things happen..it’s so hard though!

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