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Anita Nowinska. Flower paintings

Who is Anita Nowinska?

Hello, I’m Anita and I would like to welcome you to my world of colour, inspiration and possibility!

If you are here, reading this page, I guess it’s because there is something about my work which captures your interest. Consequently, you might like to know more about who I am and why I create my paintings.


 The long and short of it is that I have a deep rooted belief that whatever life throws at you, you can find peace, harmony and create a life you love. First of all my Art is a fundamental way of  achieving this in my life and I want to pass that on to others.

The words ‘Inspiration..to inspire’, resonate through my life over and over again. Therefore, my purpose is to use the intricate detail and colour of nature to inspire a change in thinking. Consequently shifting the way you look at the world and create change for the positive.

I want to change the way you look at the natural world around you, to notice the beauty and detail all around. i want you to feel the sense of wellbeing which nature provides.

Art from the Heart & Soul, Healing your space

Through life’s curveballs and adventures I know that creativity, colour & positive attitude can overcome just about anything! Hence, Nature is where I find peace, relaxation, energy & hope.

Constantly taking my inspiration from Nature, I feel as if my painting comes from somewhere else, pouring from heart and soul.

Colour affects the way we feel so powerfully, it influences mood, atmosphere and wellbeing. The deep sense of healing and wellbeing which is generated through my work, is what I want to pass on to others. So, shifting not only feelings, but the way the beautiful detail of nature is perceived.

I want you to see in my work nature’s amazing details blown up in scale, use their form and colour to find the same peace, relaxation and energy I do. Then to shift your gaze to the world around you and notice those details in a way you may not have before.

Life is a constant journey of learning and changing. So, I invite you to join me in my world of colour and inspiration!

 My Background

I feel very lucky to be doing what I love and sharing it with the world. Many people have asked me to share how I created my career in Art.

Throughout my journey of positive thinking and believing in possibility my art has been a healing, relaxing and invigorating balm in my life, whatever the world has thrown at me.

It would be wonderful to have you to share in the healing effects and message of positivity and hope that Art can bring. Whatever the setting, home, office, hospital or hotel,  paintings resonate with positive feelings. Most of all, they enhance to mood of their environment.

How I started Painting

Born in London in 1965. From the moment my hand could hold something which made a mark on a surface , I was creating. As a result when I was a child my Mother couldn’t leave me in the bath alone. She would come back to find all the soap carved into creatures with a nail file. The garden path covered in fantasy worlds of chalk. She bought me my first oil paints at 7  and has been my strongest supporter ever since.

When I was 8 a famous artist pulled me into his post graduate art group. That was funny, tiny me and a bunch of 25 year olds painting nudes and still life!

Being creative was what made me feel alive…

Anita Nowinska-artist

Guess which kid is me!

Obstacles to being creative

However, my childhood was pretty tempestuous and my self confidence was crushed by both home and school environments. Finding the space in my heart to forgive, forget and move forward with positivity and love has been one of the most powerful lessons in my life.

I grew up at a time when Art was not really a ‘Proper Career’ and ended up puttin my art aside as a hobby for many years.

I painted at home to relax and for friends and family, but didn’t believe it could be a career.

FullSizeRender (1)                                                                                Anita Nowinska- at work in her studio

Part of the Rat Race

Determined to show he world my worth and conquer self doubt, I spent years slogging away because I thought the material world’s view of success mattered.

In hindsight, I was letting my insecurity steer me in a direction which was just not right for me. My stubbornness made me work like a demon. By the time I was 30 I had my own business, employed an office full of people and had a lifestyle I thought would make me happy. The external trappings of success may have looked wonderful from the outside, but it was all an illusion.

Consequently, not painting took its toll.  It was as if a little bit of my soul shrivelled away every year. I painted one or two things a year for birthdays and gifts but painting always called to my heart and soul.

My health went down hill as I worked harder and harder to show the world I would succeed, not understanding at that time thatreal success was not what I believed, it is something deeper.

In the Darkest Moments

My business had been in the then new world of e-commerce, and by trying to work with really high levels of integrity, my work became an all consuming thing. The Universe , however had other ideas for me and if I wasn’t going to listen to the small clues, it would have to give me something much bigger to steer me the right way. During the big financial and internet crash around the millennium, my client base going bust overnight led to the loss of my business, my home, belongings and my health, it all went.

The day I had to give up the home I loved so much and had worked for so hard , I found my box of pastels.

Healing through creativity

That night by candlelight I painted my first flower painting. I was in despair, stressed, distraught.  From that dark place the painting calmed me, gave me hope. As I worked through the night a bright, calm image appeared on the canvas. I suddenly knew everything would be alright.

In that moment I sent out a prayer that I wished I could do what I loved. What might my life be like if I could paint for a living? I made a vow that I would never compromise doing what I love again. 

Artist Anita Nowinska with her flower painting ‘A place of peace’

Little Miracles

Two days later, staying at a friends house, I got a call from a local gallery . ‘ Are you the lady who sometimes brings pastels in to be framed. Do you have any more? We would love to exhibit them.’

It was if my deepest desire had just manifested. To be honest, losing everything was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me a chance to reinvent my life!

It also started the process of really believing in myself and what my life could look like and with positive thinking!

Each painting I created gave me what I needed to heal. When stressed they relaxed me, when tired they lifted me.

Moving Forward with Hope

From that moment I kept visualising and believing in what I wanted and somehow,  people started buying my work.

Each painting gave me healing and hope, I painted the feelings I needed.

Passing on the Magic

Clients started to say that my paintings were creating changes for them too. Relaxing them, invigorating them.

One client said she had stopped drinking, my paintings were now her post work de-stress instead of wine!

Another client used the paintings to create calmness in a therapy room and was astonished at the effects.

Ask & you will receive

I started simply asking for what I needed and when it was the right thing  for me, it came along. That and a bit of hard graft!

When I jokingly once said I needed a dragonfly to pose for me because I wanted to paint one, one actually flew into my house and stayed for 2 hours while I sketched it. (photos to prove that one on my blog!)

The Ups and downs of life as an Artist, getting through the hiccups!

It hasn’t been easy, I have fought debilitating illness, (a legacy of all the stress that had gone before) but I got through it with a can do attitude and positive thinking. Creativity, colour and passion have a truly healing effect.

Going it alone!

2006 brought me the most amazing gift of my life, my beautiful son.  To give him the best life possible and keep him safe, the right thing to do was to bring him up alone. That’s what I did and moved forward with two of the greatest gifts life could offer; my wonderful son and a career in Art. 

1005261_10151674841921201_1046502470_nMy ray of sunshine

My son has been the sunshine of my life for the past 11 years. He brings a smile to my face every day! He is a sensitive soul, with a wealth of kindness, creativity and gentleness which doesn’t necessarily make living in the modern world particularly easy for him.

We’ve travelled an interesting journey together, trying very alternative styles of education with many challenges.Through it all the painting has inspired me to carry on, especially when my boy is painting by my side.

Making Breakthroughs

Somehow positive thinking and sheer determination have carried me through. 

I have become best known for my flower paintings and landscapes. It always makes me feel so humble when people recognise my name. Sending work out to far of Places like Dubai, Oman, USA and Europe is so exciting.

Inspiring the next Generation

anita-nowinska-generations-school-exhibitionSchools and kids studying my flower paintings  for their GCSE and A levels frequently approach me. Receiving messages from schools saying whole year groups are studying my work is so amazing.

About 20 emails a month arrive from students asking for information and I always try to give them as much encouragement as possible. I love to see the next generation creating Art! I want then to know that if they work hard and believe in themselves they can achieve anything they dream of. 

I’m passionate about inspiring the both next generation of creative souls and adults who might have given up on their dreams to achieve career doing what they love. Helping the nurture their talent but also understand the hard work, the marketing, the business side of things.

The joy of doing what I love

Loving what I do makes me feel totally blessed and joyful that other people are taking pleasure and feeling the healing effects of art!

Ah well, isn’t it amazing what power a bit of wishing and dreaming can have!

“Anita Nowinska is best known for her sensuous  flower paintings , landscapes & images from nature, which have received much acclaim. Original works are widely exhibited and sold worldwide through solo exhibitions, commissions and galleries as well as larger projects through designers & architects, hotels, hospitals & commercial spaces. She produces paintings & commissions and a range of quality limited edition prints and unique products featuring her paintings.”

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