My work evokes feelings and emotions which soothe, heal, relax and invigorate, imbuing their surroundings with atmosphere and mood

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More About Our Company

Welcome to the website of Anita Nowinska. Thank you for stopping by!

You want to add character,  feeling & atmosphere to your space.

You want to give your room a ‘feel good’ factor.

 But maybe you are not quite sure how to go about adding that certain something?

 Art completely changes the mood & atmosphere of a space.

You may be a collector or making your first tentative steps into buying Art. Either way, I will help and guide you to finding the perfect painting for your home, office or commercial space to create the mood and atmosphere which works for you.

You may love to purchase large original works of Art or have smaller budget. Together we will find the perfect painting for you with a choice of original works or Limited Edition Prints. Or I can create an original commissioned painting, just for you.

About the work

My Art is created  from the heart and soul.  Inspired by Nature and full of passion and sensuality. I’ve been told by many collectors that the paintings lift your spirits & turn you space into somewhere which feels great to be. They certainly give me that when I’m painting them.

I paint nature’s details to  evoke feelings and emotions which soothe, heal, relax and invigorate. Consequently, they imbue their surroundings with atmosphere and mood. 

My big flower paintings and images of nature focus on bringing beautiful details from flowers, wildlife and landscape into a large scale. I aim to shift your perception of the way you view the world. Nature is so abundant with wonder that I never run out of subject matter. From the heart of a flower, to the glory of a sunset, bringing nature’s colour into your home, office or public space instantly brings the sensation of wellbeing and peace.

Best known for sensual flower paintings and landscapes, my work is collected world-wide. As well as creating an available body of work in original paintings and limited edition prints, I carry out unique client commissions. I also work on larger projects with Interior designers and Architects, on  Hotels, Offices and Hospitals worldwide.

This website is dedicated to giving you the opportunity to view my range of work, see and purchase an original, print or commission your own unique piece of Art.

Paintings and prints can be shipped worldwide and I have completed some exciting projects in the UK, USA, Middle East and Europe.  Working with my clients to create unique paintings, tailored to create the right atmosphere and feeling for the persona and space they are designed for is one of my passions. You can purchase work immediately r on larger pieces, split the cost over a period of time.

Many thanks for visiting the site and please enjoy your experience.

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New Studio Opens at RedPod- Anita Nowinska Flower Paintings & Landscapes

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Creating change to Change something!- In Art or in Life

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Pink- What it means in interiors & flower paintings

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March 8, 2015 |

Generations- Exhibition – Totnes 18th to 27th March 2015

  Generations: A Journey Through Nature   March 18th to 27th KEVICC’s Ariel Centre   Anita...

May 1, 2012 |

Anita’s Latest work at Life- The Gallery

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December 12, 2011 |

Cracking Christmas Sale!! 20% off Prints & cards

I am having a pre Christmas/post exhibition studio clearout. A small number of my beautiful limited edition...

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